Support HB153

From: OCRP Chairman Kevin Buffell,
The Onslow County Board of Commissioners will be voting on resolutions that approve or strongly disapprove HB153 which was sponsored by Representative George Cleveland, Representative Chris Millis and Representative Phillip Shepard. The bill places Onslow County under General Statute 153A-27.1. (Vacancies on Board of Commissioners in certain counties). The statute, in summary, states that in case of a vacancy on the Board of Commissioners that the county Republican Party would appoint replacements for vacated Republican positions and the county Democrat Party would appoint replacements for vacated Democrat positions.
The bill is currently in our State Senate. As your Chairman, I urge you to contact Senator Harry Brown and let him know that you want him to support HB153, and that you want YOUR county party to choose replacements on the board, (The Commissioners are Ex-Officio members of the OCRP Executive Committee and would be part of the process). As it stands now the commissioners themselves get the final say on replacements. **Note: If a Republican vacancy were to happen in the General Assembly or Senate, the OCRP executive committee would be nominating the replacement.Why should it be different for the Onslow County Commissioners?
The next Board of Commissioners meeting is March 20th at 7pm at the Government Complex in Burton Park. The more people who come to the meeting, and/or speak in support of HB153, the better chance we have of getting their support.
The people elected the officials to those positions on Election day and we should decide who the replacements are when necessary. The commissioners should not get to be judge, jury, and executioner when it comes